The brand /


In 1932 Global EMR was born in Argentina. A family business that today, in its third generation, occupies a local leadership space in the development and manufacture of products for the furniture industry. A growth sustained by the deep knowledge of our essence, our vision for the future and, above all, your needs.

Consolidated by knowHow, national belonging and the commitment that guarantee our trajectory and mobilized forward with the mission of promoting innovation in the solutions provided through design, technology and the strengthening of the bond with our clients.


Our ‘our good’ Manifesto

The principles that we carry as a banner

The family
the first.
The meaning for ours.
The origin of tradition and the destination of innovation.
for the detail.
For the good ideas and the best projects.
For the value of creativity as that complement that differentiates us.
Nothing stops us
everything strengthens us.
We know how to adapt.
Experts in re-calculating, re-doubling efforts and restarting, to always leave stronger.
Of local history,
to global future.
From plan to project.
From mission to vision.
From Argentina, ... to the World.
and close.
Sociable, loyal, friends.
This is how we like to be able to look at each other:
close up.

Our Argentine DNA,
the best.
Focused on bringing together the best of our essence, with the best solution.
This is how we are.
Because we believe that what we are matches what you are.